Reading, Writing, Crafting and ZEITGEIST.

What do I write?

I craft stories about love and courage. I'm slightly bent so paranormal creeps into the worlds I build.

Okay, I admit it, the paranormal barges in my books. Average people must face extraordinary circumstances.

What could be better? Or more fun? More exciting? Or stranger?

As an Artisan or Crafter, I am a Multi Media artist. I combine different crafts & art forms and I am not bound to a single media. I love to create. I think writing and art - both creative pursuits are tied together.

As an Artisan what do I make/create?

Seasonal Décor

Crochet: Afghans, Baby Blankets, Accessories (Scarfs, Hats Baby Booties) & crocheted jewelry in fiber and wire.

Paper Arts: Origami gift card holders, mini purses, Card ,and Seed Packets filled with hand harvested seeds from my yard.

Soft Sculpture Décor.

Pillows, Pet Beds and

Soap and bath products.

Need a FREELANCE Writer? I Create Content for websites or other publications. Ghost writing. Blog Management and Posts. Web content, product descriptions and More. Contact me at

Crafts for Sale while supplies last.